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Originally posted by sgamadison at Star Wars Trailer given Guardians of the Galaxy Treatment
Okay, this cracked me up. If you've seen the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer at the movies recently, you'll know it's paired a catchy pop hit with the scenes for the trailer and regardless of whether you want to see the movie or not, it's certainly memorable.

Someone has created a Star Wars trailer in the same style and it's a riot. Must share.

health and other b.s.

trying to get back into shape with biking, which is fun. But I'm overbooked with jobs/work for the summer, so now, exhausted.

less fun.

all of you who stick to a health regime for more than 2 days at a time are stronger than me.

In other news . . .

My mother is visiting town this week to help the roommate and I tear down weeds at the new rental house. I grew up in the country and can understand letting an acre get overgrown, but in you're own backyard? In your flowerbed? Seriously, roommate and Mom were tearing down a rosebush that was over 12 feet tall and that some idiot had braced with fence posts.

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Random thoughts to end the year

wooly headed thinking, btvs quote
In no particular order, with no particular coherency:

We all need more epic rap battles.

From the spoilers I've read, I'm glad and sad about Merlin's ending. I'm equally sad about the end of Leverage. I fought my way through the finale without knowing the show had been cancelled, and now, retrospectively, I continue to fight.

What is this Homestuck fandom? Should I feel bad for having misread it as "Home-struck" for all of this time?

Why aren't more good writers working in Once Upon A Time? I love my LJ list, b/c the folks on my friendslist will write great, insightful pieces, but then I troll my way through AO3 and want to burst into tears. How do some fandoms make it big in fandom (I'm looking at you teenwolf), while others remain mainly on TV fandoms?

On the subject of teenwolf, I've been reading it since July, watched parts of the first 5 or so episodes and am still somehow stuck in this fandom. In fact, my current reading list is a 3 way tie between Avengers, Teenwolf, and whatever else I can find to cleanse my palate. I feel like a junky. Those folks over at began my lurid journey into Teenwolf, and now I can't escape the ride. (Admittedly, I'm not trying hard. The fic is soooo good).

I've somehow managed to get one semester of a PhD program done, despite my incessant fic addiction. I'm currently beta-testing "" which should go mainstream in 2013. It's an interesting take on the Pandora phenomenon, except that they play music intended to help people focus, rather than inspire them. I'm too left-brained to actually succeed in listening to music while I work, but I love the ambient mixes on A Strange and Isolated Place, so it's nice to have another avenue for music that isn't trying to high jack my brain with its lyrics. (I wish I could listen to rap or other music while reading or grading, but I get so caught up in the lyrics that I get nothing done. It is a problem.)

I've joined Pinboard to feed my teenwolf addiction. (I did mention that it's a problem, right?). I'm julii_wolfe over there too, but I'm not going to lie, I don't do much with my links. I usually filter my way through popular bookmarks to find new fics to download to Stanza to read. (Stanza may no longer be updated, but it is still my e-reader!)

As I watch, listen, read, and generally poke about on the internet, I keep thinking about Connie Willis's book Bellwether. It isn't my favorite of her books, but it does go into interesting statistical material about trendsetting (in a book with a romantic plotline, no less) that makes me think about the way links get shared on twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. The concept of things going viral seems to reach an upper limit so soon, and I wonder how knowledge gets past stumbling blocks an closed loops to reach larger audiences.

These are the things going through my brain on this date in 2012. May I have more interesting thoughts, be a more helpful internet citizen, and stop procrastinating (please gods) in 2012.

Best wishes to everyone. I'm glad the world didn't end. I hope we have a lot to look forward to.


As a sign that the 90s influenced me (for better or worse), I really want there to be a Cas centered fic with the title "Since I Found God."

Also, Syfy rewind is lame. Why don't they have last week's Haven up to watch yet? My recording failed, and I want to watch before the new episode tonight. *sigh*

Once Upon a Time

I recently rewatched the first season on Netflix, and now I'm all enthused about the 2nd season starting this Sunday. SO EXCITED.

I decided to give AAO3 a look for fic and discovered a nest of bad fic that I had never expected existing. I've read a few good stories on LJ about Rumplestiltskin or about Ruby. Anyone know of a good place to start in this fandom that doesn't have a either a 200 word word count or a 95,000 word word count.

(word word count is really redundant, but I'm tired and couldn't think of another way to say it. Maybe people have links up on Pinboard?)

It is such a good show with surprising narrative arcs and interesting characters (WHO ARE MORALLY AMBIGUOUS IN SO MANY WAYS, even the good guys!) (sorry about the caps. again, I was excited.) anyway, thoughts? ideas? recs? tales of woe? feel free to share.

Also, the first episode of this season of Haven was pretty fun! I'm looking forward to the next.

(side side note: what on earth is happening to my Glitch character right now? I played all day last Friday, and then never returned to the worlds . . . silly silly grad school and studying. grumble.)

Eureka is ending! AAAaaahhh!

thesaurus quote
It isn't like I've been overly in love with any of the seasons (because the writers run that show into the ground, man). But I do love the characters and zany-ness/corniness.

But why:
Does Eureka only have 2 restaurants, and one is where the good guys hang out, and the other is where the bad guys hang out?

Does the show have to be so driven by the classical definition of a comedy as something ending with everyone getting hitched or in a stable relationship?

There are more questions, but these are the ones that come to mind as I watch to the finale, so enjoy that.

Is anyone watching Lost Girl? I can't tell if I will love it or hate it or just be bored with it, but I caught some werewolves wrastlin' and that seemed interesting.


A thought for the fic writers

oohshiny giles
Because everyone I read seems to swim in and out of fandoms like a leaf riding a fast current, would someone be willing to write a Supernatural AU where they are all mutants?

I came up with the set up last night after I watched the finale.

A break down of characters in the Supernatural/X-men Au that is growing in my headCollapse )

Seriously, the Sam and Dean brothers of man pain and codependency thing would really work in this verse. Now if only someone would write it for me!

white collar . . .

. . . okay fandom. Where are you stashing the White Collar Xover with Harry Potter where Mozzie and Neal are Ravenclaws and Peter wanders around as a Gryffindor rampant and solves mysteries. Bonus if you can work Diana, Jones, and El into the plot as real characters.



thesaurus quote
in lieu of finishing the newest episode of Supernatural, I choose to sit in front of a computer for the rest of the night.

because I will also be sitting in front of a computer all day tomorrow. syllabi and schedules to prep.

Any first year comp profs out there have any good exercises for working with claims, audience, syllogisms, and enthymemes? Please do share.

Also, I'm watching the Secret Circle, which is really bad for me. But I read the books when I was a kid, and now I have to watch the shows. In some ways, I like it. There are a lot of political machinations and what not. But the episode format is odd, like the writer's have completely screwed up the pacing. Almost every episode feels unfinished, and I'm left waiting for a big plot divergence or build up or something. Everything is very anticlimactic. (Though I am tempted to write that "everything is against the climate.)

Last rough segue, promise. Does anyone have good podfic recs for action/adventurey/plotty long fics that are gen or het? Most of the stories that I listen to that have the action/adventury/plottiness are slash, and I enjoy this. But I'm trying to get my sister started listening to podfic, and she doesn't really get slash. (It took me 10 years after I started reading slash to tell my twin that I read it. Everyone knows I read fanfic, but I tend to stick to the more PG/PG13 details of said.)

Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts!

Anme and Manga: Please Save My Earth

Like many, I was a teenager watching anime and trying to access manga during the time period before Barnes & Noble had 5 shelfs dedicated to them. This meant that I mainly watched anime that a friend who was 7 years older had supplied. One of my favorite such animes was Please Save My Earth. I didn't understand it and was completely dissatisfied by the ending, but I loved the story and characters. It has remained one of my favorite animes for some time, though it doesn't go into the same majestic/wondrous category as Studio Ghibli films.

Because the anime only consisted of 6 episodes that I had watched in its entirety many times, I discounted the idea of reading the manga when it appeared at the local chain store.

I just found it online to read. The first book alone is 300 pages long.

I just made my holy crap face, batman.

I now have a new, ill timed because this is grading season, mission. To boldly read the rest of the series that for some reason didn't make it into the anime.

To paraphrase Star Trek XI: I dare all of you to face such a challenge.

And now I disappear into the internet again.

I'm going to spend this post shooting around some personal theories about the TV show Haven before next week's season finale. I invite you all to join me as I plot my way through the twists and turns that occur to me about this show.

Keep in mind that every time I watch Haven and think that I know what will happen next, I am wrong. And that, in combination with pretty cool characters, is why I love Haven.
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for every job that must be done.

Xkcd boom de yada
Well, I'm more or less done with class prep for the semester. Seeing as my first class is tomorrow at 8 am, this is a good thing.

But really, I want to talk about how much I LOVE THE NEW NEW WHO. Specifically, series 5 & 6, the 11th Doctor. Rory. Amy. RIVER EVERLOVING SONG.


My mother and I haven't figured out why we like this so much more than the 10th Doctor's series'. We think it might be the acting writing combo.

Everything about it works GREAT. Thank you Stephen Moffat, Thank you.

I'm currently getting BBC America, so I should get to see the new series starting on Saturday! Yay!

Currently, thare are only 2 episodes I haven't really seen in their entirety, the one where Rory gets lost and the first ep from the most recent series.

I have, however, used my wiki-fu to find out what happens, so I"m totally prepped.

I feel like a David Mamet quote from State and Main, "I know my lines. I don't know what order they come in . . ."

I know my New Who. I haven't watched them in any linear order, but maybe that is appropriate.

Fic Recs, anyone?

Also, there should be one of these icons for the New New Who! (I love the TARDIS, I love rift energy, I love Amelia Pond, and also her Rory, I love the Universe, and its Timey-Wimey Bits. Boom De Yada, Boom de Yada, Boom de Yada, Boom de Yada)

I am the super nerd.

In other news, I have a new dog that I picked up from the pound in June. He is lovely. He is a 4 year old Australian Sheppard (Red Merle). His name is Wrigley. (He has no tail. He wriggles.)

Archive of Our Own Invites

thesaurus quote
Hi guys,

I've got 5 AO3 invites. Anyone want an account?

First come, first serve.

it was a nice record

My lovely "haven't been sick since the fall of 2008" record is now officially broken by a miserable cold. (Coincidentally, my last illness, in the fall of 2008, was a miserable cold.)

As of right now, I'm thriving on NyQuil, sudafed, and starburst. My sinus pressure is so bad that I can literally hear the pressure changes when I tilt my head. In some ways, I find this oddly entertaining.

I am starting to feel better, but my tendency to go off into a cold coma makes grading difficult. Ah well, it is the last week of the semester. How much coherency do my students really expect?

I'm kind of glad the record is broken. It was weird not to be sick for so long. Also, if I have to sit for hours grading papers, then I'm glad that I'm sick while doing it. If I was healthy and confined to my desk to read this stuff, then I would be driven ever so much closer to the edge of insanity.

so . . .?

My sister wants to go to school to become a massage therapist.


I had a lovely day hiking at Pere Marquette State Park by the Illinois river.

I haven't looked at students' paper since Friday when I found 1 completely plagiarized essay and 1 partially plagiarized essay. After this discovery, Friday became a terrible day during which I was in a terrible mood, so I didn't grade. Saturday I continued not to grade because I was finally in a good mood and knew  that if I graded, the bad mood wouId return and I would be too mean.

So Saturday was a lovely day spent knitting and watching "The Young Victoria" and reading fanfic. And today was spent in the sunshine looking at flowers in the trees. I think I've recovered enough from Friday to be kind during the presentations tomorrow and when I start grading tomorrow afternoon.

Spring is a time of renewed hope, right? At least the weather will be bad, so I'm not missing nice weather to catch up on the grading.

Anyway, the part of my mind that hasn't stopped worrying about my sister yet is now worrying about my sister again, but only a little. She's wanted to be a massage therapist for a long time, and I get the feeling the only reason she discussed being a Physician's Assistant or a Physical Therapist was because she knows that our mother looks down on massage therapy.

My recent decisions to teach and apply to PhD programs also involved such a process of overcoming my doubts about being an English person, so I'm glad that the sister accepts who she is and what she wants to do.

I think she will enjoy the challenge.

What do you think?


fandom prompt

So, there is this thing that happens sometimes in fandom, where authors will take a movie plot and revamp it with characters from another fandom filling in for the main roles. Some surprisingly awesome fanfic has been created in this fashion.

I don't write much fanfic, (honestly, I don't write much, and I need to write more.) but through my 10 years in fandom (OMG), I've learned to internalize some of the processes that goes into making fic.

That means, sometimes I will watch something, or see something and say, "WHY ISN'T THIS FIC YET?"

(Someday, I am going to write a YogaZone fanfic the will be epic. I've been doing the same 30-45 exercise routines with those people for the last 5 years. I have created A TON OF BACK STORY.)

Moving along my main narrative thread (it is there if you look), I was watching "Sungyankwan Scandal" over on . This lovely soap opera takes place in feudal Korea and involves a poor, educated girl selling test answers (while dressed as a boy) to the educated boys who want to test in to government service.

I'm on episode 6, and I'm suitably entertained (although every Korean soap opera is some version of Cinderella, I do tend to like them because they are funny).

As I watched the show, a dynamic developed between our poor urchin character and young noble men who is honorable and destined to become a councilor because of his father's position.

So, in my head, I've already re-written this as fanfic for the Merlin Fandom starring Arthur as the young nobleman and Merlin as the poor urchin. I could also make it into Inception fic, and either Arthur or Eames could fill either role (but in my head, Eames would be the poor boy and Arthur would be the arrogant noble. Mainly because the noble in the show tries to live his life on "principle" which seems more Arthur-ish than Eames-ish.

I love how class and gender seem to be interchangeable in some fannish situations.

Please steal my writing prompt and make this idea into something EPIC.

and then, send me a link so I can read it. These ideas are better on paper than they are inside my head.
Xkcd boom de yada
Fun story, for some reason the rich text version of LJ is not working today, which is kind of hilarious. I'm really hoping that the 404 error shows up when I post.

The kids and I had a good time today. This is the first time I've forced a class to analyze how a classroom looks/works for an observation paper. AWESOME. Mainly, it was me having fun and mocking their habits a bit, but I think they maybe understood the point. I even had some insight to break down. (Most of them agreed that while all classes are boring, the most boring classes are ones they don't plan to major in, and also the ones that they received their first "bad" grade in as kids. I LOVES IT).

Other good news, my "problem" student, who isn't a problem so much as a puzzle because I don't know how to teach her actually has a disability. To me, this is a good thing because she is 18 and has never been diagnosed with a learning disorder. No wonder she falls asleep during class. The first time I've ever heard her sound excited about something was when she said she was going to get tested. I feel bad for her because she's gone this long with a problem and no one has noticed, but at the same time, I'm so glad that it is a problem and that we've found it. This means we can actually work on teaching her in a way where she can actually learn, YAY!

I find that my teaching style works really well for kids who know how to be students, and okay for kids who are lazy, but don't want to do the work. (These kids frustrate me because they could earn an A easily. I don't hoard As in this class, but these kids make me want to.) Then there are all of the disadvantaged kids who have given up in some way, or who are trying, but NEED to take my first semester course twice to get it, and would probably be better off with another class before it.

You know that whole "turn back time" concept? I don't want to change my life because I am proud of what I accomplished, but I do wish I had at least 1 education course under my belt so that I would know some tricks for reaching all of the kids. I have so many kids that I am ridiculously proud of, but the ones that don't get by? I always wonder what I should have done that would have helped them get through it. I do have some of them again this semester, and in some cases, things are working very well.

I think I'm more invested in their success in this class than they are, which isn't surprising.

I need to start working on my PhD application process. When I'm qualified to teach a few more classes, maybe I'll figure out how not to let the classes/kids dominate my life.

Then again, when I have a PhD, I probably won't have to teach 4 first year writing courses per semester 2 semesters in a row. I'm only teaching 3 in the fall. YAY!

There is nothing like commenting on 60 drafts in 3 days to make a person really loathe process as a pedagogy. I love making students reflect on their writing and plan to revise it before its due, but I get tired of writing the comments. Thankfully, as the semester progresses, I give fewer and fewer comments.

Next semester, I might just give 10 comments per paper throughout the semester. They seemed a bit overwhelmed by the 35+ comments on their first drafts . . .

I don't have anything to grade until Wednesday. So I'm playing on the internet. Amplificathon is having a podfic recathon, which is awesome.

Also, I appear to have this thing going, where I wait for a fandom to be fully established before venturing into it, and I have to tell you, it is like falling into a fandom treasure pot.

I started this with SGA. I literally could NOT watch the series, but then I began to read the fic, and let's face it, during its prime, SGA fandom had some of the most interesting, well written fics out there. They were EPIC. and AU. and TEN TIMES MORE AWESOME THAN THE SHOW. It's true, I'd watch the show and think, "Gosh, I can't wait until next weekend when fandom takes this and makes it better." or "GD show! Fandom will fix this obvious error on your part."

Same thing happened with Merlin. It started in the UK and became popular, so I began to read the fic. By the time I watched the show, tons of established fic, and tropes, and loveliness.

Most recently, I've become attached to the BBC Sherlock Holmes and to Inception. With both of those, I scrolled past all of the fics that began to be posted back in August and waited. As of December, I finally watched both and I am CRAWLING through MILES of FABULOUS FIC.

To conclude, I no longer pick my own TV shows to watch. I wait for you guys to sound enthusiastic and then order things off of Netflix. And then wait for you to out do the shows through fanfic. I feel like fandom should be renamed "things they don't do on television because they aren't cool enough". It's a little wordy, but all of you guys are totally worth some expository length.

On that note, good evening!

(p.s. sorry that I couldn't put the link over all of this, but as I mentioned at the beginning, rich text isn't working, so no LJ cut for you!)

the end of an era

wooly headed thinking, btvs quote
That's right, my fun time during spring break will officially come to an end tomorrow. I have officially put of grading essays for as long as humanly possible. Tonight is my last night of fun on the internet before I chain myself to the computer in a way that is far less pleasant.

It has been a good week off. I consumed much beer. I acquired a sun burn. I visited friends in Kansas and traveled to the St. Louis botanical gardens. I had one last shining day of sunlight.

Alas, I didn't prepare for the ice age.


(in this case, the ice age refers to the 59 papers I have left to grade. I did read 1 this morning, but then I decided to play instead. Hence, my doom.)

I can totally grade all of those essays tomorrow, right? (probably not, but I'll get through about 2 classes, which will leave me another 20 to get through on Saturday).

It was nice while it lasted.

enjoy the weekend for me!

the illness files

helo blue
So, I'm a fraternal twin (I feel like it should be sororial or something because we are both girls, but we don't look very similar).

To me, it has always been interesting how the twin and I are the same, but different. We are both reasonably intelligent, high energy, and good at athletics. (According to the IQ test we took when we were 5, we had the same IQ range, but with a completely different set of strengths. She has all of the math/science/kinesthetic learning, and I have all of the language/history.)

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